Start Here

….So – it’s not filled out yet, but here’s the list of topics I’ll be writing about here.  Stay tuned!


Investing in the Markets:

-Wondering whether individual investors can compete in the market?   Read about the advantages of the individual investor


-Principle of Incremental Insight

-Irreplaceable customer advantage


Investing in a Home

-Rent vs. Own: how should I think about my home investment?

-Tax advantages to home ownership

-Structural advantages of small investors

-Sell vs. Keep


Investing in Education

-MBA cost decision / opportunity cost

-Directional errors in your calculations

-Choosing the right payback timeline

-Loan Paybacks




-Jensen’s inequality: math, psychology, volatility, direction

-Distributions and their meanings

-Dividend Leverage



-Opportunity Costs and Sunk Costs

-The right time frame for investing

-Mean reversion and confirmation bias


Financial Freedom

-Cash flow view of financial freedom

-Importance of important things: is Dave Ramsey helping people?

-Liquidity and Risk

-Goals and updates